Planning a Bachelor Party?

If you've never thrown a bachelor party or your first one was a total flop, here are some helpful tips to help plan a better bachelor party. Follow them as guidelines so that you remember what you have to do and what you haven't yet done.

Guest List

First, you'll want to put together the guest list. This is important because everything else depends on how many people there are going to be. You'll want to have the guest list include the groom, the groomsmen, close family members of the groom and friends of the groom. If the party isn't a surprise, have the groom approve the list of guests because they might not want certain people to come or might want to invite more. Don't invite every person the groom knows or people the groom doesn't like. This is a party for the groom so you also have to put aside your personal feelings for any of the attendees.

Time of the Party

Once you have the guest list finalized, you can ask each one when they are available to go to the party. That way you can see when it would be best to have the party. Many would think that the night before is when you should have the bachelor party but really, it's not the smartest move. You don't want to have a groom hungover on his big day and you don't want a stressed out, annoyed bride. It's best to schedule the party up to a month before the wedding and preferably on the weekend. Most people don't work on the weekend which would give them the best chance of being able to show up. You'll want to send out the invites or call the guests at least three weeks before the party. This gives them plenty of time to get of work, make arrangements or figure out how they are getting to town.

Location, Location, Location

So know you have a guest list and the best time to have the party, it's time to start thinking about what you want to happen at this party. There are many different locations you can visit or things to do. Most bachelor parties include at least booze and strippers. You're going to want to plan something that the groom actually likes to do. If you want a golf outing but the groom doesn't golf, it's not going to be that much fun. You can check out of our party ideas to see if any of those sounds good to you. Just a reminder, the best man and the groomsmen spilt the price for the groom and the party supplies. The groom doesn't pay anything. Friends and family not on the wedding party will have to pay for themselves. Not all bachelor parties have to be extravagant, a night at a local bar or drinking in the best man's apartment can be just as much fun.

Things to Think About

The bachelor party is all about the groom and you, as the best man, are responsible for the groom. You'll want to have fun and enjoy yourself but also make sure that everything is happening good and the groom is having a great time. Pay attention to the groom. People like to humiliate and tease the groom. They try to get him really drunk, take incriminating photos or prank him somehow. When the groom has had enough and says stop, listen to him. Make sure everyone is responsible and doesn't drive home drunk. Hire a party bus service like, Party Bus Detroit to take you to and from the party so that no one has to drive and everyone can drink. You are going to spilt the price of everything between the guests. If everyone doesn't have that much money to spend, don't have the party go somewhere expensive. You can have the party be a surprise for the groom. Just make sure all the guests are willing to keep the secret. You don't have to do what everyone else does for a bachelor party. Be creative. Find something new to try or do. Maybe something a new wife wouldn't exactly want her new husband to do after their married, like skydiving. Lastly, don't forget the camera. There are definitely going to be great memories that you can capture and remember for awhile.

Best Man To-Do's

  • ✅ Confirm the guest list with the groom
  • ✔ Find a weekend/day/night that works for everyone
  • ✅ Pick the location/activity with(out) groom
  • ✔ Figure out a rough budget
  • ✅ Make sure the guys are good with that budget
  • ✔ Buy your airline ticket (if needed)
  • ✅ Make sure the groomsmen buy their airline tickets (if needed)
  • ✔ Book the hotel rooms
  • ✅ Book with Party Bus Detroit for transportation
  • ✔ Book the stripper (if needed)
  • ✅ Research and plan for the right restaurants, bars, and strip clubs
  • ✔ Plan a physical or outdoor activity, be men
  • ✅ Make sure everyone knows the plan and directions to hotel/meet up/etc
  • ✔ Chip in for the grooms expenses
  • ✅ Purchase booze, snacks, etc for the hotel room
  • ✔ Bail groom out of jail

Groomsmen To-Do's

  • ✔ Ask the best man if he needs help
  • ✅ Book plane ticket (if needed)
  • ✔ Keep groom from getting extremely drunk
  • ✅ Let groom win any game you play
  • ✔ Chip in for groom's expenses
  • ✅ Buy the groom lap dances (1 is good, more than 3 is too much)
  • ✔ Don't let the groom cheat
  • ✅ Keep the mood up and the party going
  • ✔ No talking about wives, exes, girlfriends, or children
  • ✅ Bury any dead hooker (kidding)

Groom's To-Do's

  • ✔ Do not cheat on your fiancée
  • ✅ Do not cheat on your fiancée
  • ✔ Do not cheat on your fiancée
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